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Reporting Suite

Why choose HC Tech?

  •  We understand the “big picture”.  

There are many, many components to the implementation.  HC Tech will ensure tasks are started and completed on time avoiding costly missed deadlines.

  •  We work closely, as your advocate, with GEMMS to better facilitate the implementation. 

From GEMMS upper management to application specialist, HC Tech has an outstanding working rapport with their organization.

  •  We minimize project costs. 

Acting on behalf of your organization, we review all project tasks to ensure the most effective and timely solution.

  •  We bring our experience and expertise to bear on your implementation. 

Having completed multiple full installations, we have the experience and expertise to avoid snags, implementation delays, and organizational distractions.

  •  We can effectively convert existing systems. 

Using our knowledge and experience, we work with your staff to accurately transition your data into the new EMR.



Health Care Tech Solutions
A division of Advanced GEOgrafx, Inc.
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